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Assistant Professor

Annegret received her PhD from Columbia University in 2012 working with Mickey Goldberg on oculomotor decision-making in primates, and worked with Dayu Lin at NYU for her postdoc examining aggressive motivation in rodents.
Email: afalkner@princeton.edu


Associate Professional Specialist

Stefan received his PhD in 2015 from the lab of Mike Burger at Lehigh University.  He worked with Mike Halassa at NYU and MIT optimizing tools for physiology and photometry.

Email: soline@princeton.edu


Postdoctoral Fellow

Mae received her PhD from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in 2019 working with Molly Huntsman and Diego Restrepo on the cell-type specific control exerted by GABAergic interneurons on the microcircuitry and plasticity of the mouse basolateral amygdala. Broadly, she is interested in the role of and mechanisms underlying neuromodulatory coordination of neural circuits during social behaviors. Her postdoctoral research focuses on the role of estrogen in orchestrating the activity of neurons during various social behaviors in mice.

Email: eguthman@princeton.edu


Graduate Student

Lindsay completed her bachelor's degree in Computer Science while studying neural transcriptomics and spatial navigation in the Bejerano and Giocomo labs at Stanford. Following college, she spent two years doing drug discovery and basic structural biology research at D. E. Shaw Research. Her thesis work investigates the neural and hormonal underpinnings of depressive states evoked by chronic social defeat stress.

Email: willmore@princeton.edu


Graduate Student

Tomohito (Tomo) completed his medical degree at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. In his medical school, he got training in molecular biology in the Siomi lab, and circuitry neuroscience in the Tanaka & Takata lab. He also worked with Dr Hideyuki Okano, performing calcium imaging of rat and marmoset cortex after graduating.

Email: tomohito - at - princeton.edu


Graduate Student

Dakota completed her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at Barnard College, where she worked with Josh Gordon and Elizabeth Bauer, studying the neural circuitry and molecular mechanisms underlying anxiety. After graduating, she spent two years working as a Research Assistant at Rockefeller University with Winrich Freiwald and Eric Schmidt, with the goal of developing and applying molecular profiling techniques to projection neurons relevant to social cognition.

Email: dakotab@princeton.edu


PNI Undergraduate

Preeta is a junior in the neuroscience department interested in exploring mouse social structures for her senior thesis. She is pre-medicine with plans to specialize in pediatrics.

Email: preeta.acharya@princeton.edu


Michael Liapin is currently a third-year undergraduate pursuing a concentration in Neuroscience. He has previous experience investigating visual selective attention in carrion crows and is very excited to be joining the lab and transitioning to a different animal model.

Email: mliapin@princeton.edu

PNI Undergraduate


PNI Undergraduate

Patricia Chen is a junior pursuing a concentration in Neuroscience with certificates in Cognitive Science and Teacher Preparation. She is interested in the social behavior of living organisms particularly through manifestations of the brain. 

Email: pc14@princeton.edu